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  • Official news and announcements about Game Achievements.

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  • Discuss the features we are currently working on.

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    A new User profile page is being designed.

    Estimated Timeframe: 9 Weeks.

    We are redesigning the user profile page. The new page will display the games played as well as the percentages that have been unlocked for each game and version played.

    We are removing the most recent achievement section for now as it just adds to the length of the page with not a lot of benefit to the user. This is something we may add again in the future.

    Other features will remain the same for now.

  • Make a feature suggestion or request.

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    We are always interested in hearing about new features that you think will make the site a better experience for its users.

    Please use this section of the forum in order to create a post about the features that you want to see.

    If you have an idea, please try and do a quick search to see if it has been suggested already, if it has just add your comments to that post.

    It should be noted that we will not be able to add every feature that will be suggested, that is just not feasible, however if it is highly sought after or will add a benefit to the community then it is something that will be looked at by our development team to see if it can be added to the site.

    Please use only the feature name as the title of the thread and then within the description please try and note how the feature will work and what benefit it will have to the site.

    We look forward to hearing your suggestions.

  • Found a potential cheater? Create a dispute here.

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    This thread has ben created to outline the way that disputes will be handled.

    What is a Cheater Dispute?
    To put it simply, if you believe that someone has cheated in order to obtain their achievements, on any game or any platform then you can post what you believe to be cheated here. Staff as welll as the community can then give their input as to whether they believe that it is cheated, if it is then that person will be removed from the leaderboards, if it is found to be legit then the dispute will be closed and no further action taken.

    How to report?
    Simply create a new forum post in the format setout below, it should be kept in mind that if the correct format is not sure or not eneough information provided then the dispute may be closed.

    Title: Username - Game Name - Achievement Name

    Write as much information as you can, be sure to include the game name, achievement name and a link to said game / profile that you believe has cheated.
    Simply writing "The timestamps are too fast" is not enough information, give context such as. "The timestamps are too fast, the game requires at least XX amount of playtime between achievement X and Y and so unlocking them within X amount of time is impossible through legitimate play". The more detail the better.

    Once created it will be visible to all that use the site.

    There is no set time for the reviews to be completed, some may take an hour, others may take a week but no dispute threat will be closed without an outcome.

    Lastly, thank you for supporting the site and reporting what you believe are illegitimate achievements.